With Janessa Goldbeck gearing up for her Cycle for Security event in Tallahassee tonight, Tallahassee mayor John R. Marks expressed the importance of international development to American security.

In an Op-Ed in the Tallahassee Democrat, Mayor Marks urges the people of Tallahassee to follow in the footsteps of the Greatest Generation by supporting strong international development programs in order to maintain global and American security:

“International development programs assist other nations in building prosperity, establishing responsible, transparent governments, and developing quality education for their children. Development is not charity, but a long-term investment in global stability that keeps Americans safe.”

Mayor Marks understands that national security efforts must be multi-faceted as the threats we face; terrorism, unstable regimes, disease, and climate change cannot be solved by military strength alone.  To ensure national and global security, we must protect funding for our international development programs.