Today, House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) laid out his proposal for the FY2013 budget. He was ardent about making sure the Department of Defense has the resources it needs to keep America safe, a principle we fully support.

paul-ryan However, one important piece of the budget that Ryan did not talk about, was our International Affairs budget – critical programs that keep America safe by addressing threats while they’re small and far away. At the end of the day, this small but consequential piece of our budget provides the tools – diplomacy, democracy, and development - that go hand-in-hand with a strong defense, to combat today’s 21st century threats.  As the budget debates continue, it’s vitally important to America’s ongoing security that these programs get the support they need to work properly. It’s only 1% of our federal spending, but has an outsized impact on making sure the threats we face stay small.

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FY13 budget must include robust intl affairs funding. @RepPaulRyan, let’s see to it. #development #diplomacy #democracy


GOP released FY13 #Budget. @RepPaulRyan – International Affairs is vital to #America’s security. Let’s keep US strong.

Let’s make sure that international affairs funding gets what it needs in the 2013 budget to keep America safe and strong.