Extremism. Pandemics. Instability. The enemies we face today don’t all wear uniforms, stay in one country, or rally under any nation’s flag. They continually adapt, flowing across borders and in and out of unstable regions, feeding on poverty, hunger, and despair.

The solution to these emerging challenges is international development. Development programs keep America strong and secure by fighting extremism, forming government monitored borders that disrupt criminal networks, and creating new markets for American products and services. Although these programs are less than one percent of our budget, they save us billions of dollars by preventing future conflicts.

But now, some in Congress are considering cuts to international development. But cuts to development would not only make America less safe — they’d also cost us more in the long run, by allowing challenges that are small and manageable today to grow and become far more difficult to deal with, causing a far greater toll in both dollars and human lives.

Join the Fight Sign up with the Make US Strong campaign to help protect America’s critical international development programs. Help us tell Congress that, if they’re serious about keeping America safe, they will fully fund international development.

About Make US Strong

About Make US Strong

Make US Strong is a nationwide coalition of national security professionals who know that America’s security relies on the global stability that only international development can provide. Make US Strong is a campaign of the Truman National Security Project.